Staff Grouping Parenthesis Question

Hi, I’m trying to figure out how to put one of these { parenthesis on my Timpani & Percussion staves as I have on the French Horn & Trombone. (see attached screenshot) Sorry, I don’t know the name of what you call this in particular. Appreciate the help! :slight_smile:

Quick update… I messed around with the instrument settings and put in another Timpani part then changed the name and it worked. Now, having updated the appearance of the name it looks the way I want it, but I’m just trying to put in a bass drum hit and this note won’t move. Is there a simple setting for using concert band percussion instruments on one percussion line? (please see attached screenshot)

Dear Sunny16,
If you are using Dorico Pro, the braces and brackets tool is in Engrave mode.
Otherwise, you can deal with grouping instruments (setup mode) and fiddle with the options in Layout options (Cmd-shift-L)
Hope it helps!

I am not sure what you mean by “tthis note won’t move”. There are several representations for Percussion Kits in Dorico - check out the Layout-Options > Players > Percussion for this.
If you want to change the position of the Bass Drum in the 5-Line-Staff, go to Setup-Mode and edit your Percussion Kit. In the 5-Line-Staff section you can change, where and how these instruments are drawn.