Staff label appearance

I would like to have the doubling instrument staff names appear above and below each other rather than in a line. In both the full and abbreviated instances. Any assistance appreciated. Thanks.

I don’t really know how you got to this stage… Have you edited the name of these instruments in Setup mode ? If yes, then go back to that Edit name… function and insert line breaks where you want them. As easy as that. And the same for the abbreviated version.
If it was a different process, then it could be useful to describe it.
PS now that I think of it, maybe it was an xml import from another software? That would explain many things (and Dorico has a totally different way of handling doubling instruments)

If you’re using the player name for these staves, rather than instrument names, you can insert line breaks but unfortunately not directly in the player card: write out (or copy/paste then edit) how you want the names to appear in either an external text editor or e.g. a field in Project Info that accepts multiple line entry, then copy and paste that formulation with the relevant line breaks back into the player name.

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I have tried these things and they do not work. Incidentally, this is not an xml file. I freely admit however to be utterly confused as to the way Dorico handles doubling instruments. I arrived at this point by fiddling and poking around every explanation I could fine. The doubling function seems to work beautifully as regards entering notes in Galley view for the proper instruments and also for parts generation, but the simple act of labeling the score properly is just eluding me. Thank you.

@GeoAndo would you mind attaching your project?

Be glad to. It appears it’s too big. Even zipped. Any suggestions? Thanks. George

Change the playback template to silent, or just delete bars after the second page (etc)

Got it. Will take of it tomorrow.

Presumably you would only have to show the first two pages to illustrate how Dorico handles the full and abbreviated names. That should cut your file size considerably, especially if you set the Playback Template to Silent.

Into the Unknown.dorico (1021.1 KB)
Here is the project file. Playback Template on Silent. Thank you for your generous offer of assistance. George

Doing what @Lillie_Harris suggested yields the following.

Into the Unknown v2.dorico (1.0 MB)

Have tried this and it works quite nicely, at least partially (with my admittedly partial knowledge of this thing so far). A few additional questions, observations:

  1. Where would I copy and paste the abbreviated names so they appear in subsequent pages? Should those show up automatically? They don’t.
  2. Where can I obtain the symbol for “flat” as in B flat?
  3. Using this Player option rather than the Instrument option has an unintended consequence which is that in Galley View the doubling instrument name is not designated or differentiated from the primary instrument so that it can become confusing which staff to use when entering notes.
    Again thank you for you assistance. George
  1. What staff labels is this layout set to show on subsequent systems? Have you entered both long and short player names in the player names dialog (instructions for how to access this are in the link in my previous reply)

Thank you, Lillie. It is set to show abbreviated in subsequent systems. What I did was enter the primary and doubling names in the Other Information field in Project Info as you suggested and then copied and pasted them into the player card. This worked just as you said it would, however only for the long names. Where should I have done this procedure for the short names?

Right Click on the Player and select Rename Player.

Copy/paste from a 3rd party app or, temporarily add a flat symbol to a text box with the insert music text (right click any text box) feature and copy/paste from there.

I’d say use the {@flat@} token…
Ok, I stand corrected in the next post :person_shrugging:
There’s a unicode code for it, U+266d

I don’t think it works in staff labels like it does in layout names.

@GeoAndo yes apologies, I mentioned the player card in my reply but the full procedure for accessing the dialog for both long and short player names was explained in the link in my comment.

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My goodness, I think I’ve got it, I think I’ve got it! Perhaps excessively complicated? This seems like a function that would be routinely needed. Anyhow, I guess the common refrain would be "how can we complain when these programs already do such an overwhelmingly miraculous job at so many things? Thanks to all. George

I noticed that with this solution the parts no longer list both primary and doubling instruments in the upper left of first page of part. Only the primary instrument. Can this be fixed in this scenario? And in galley view, can the primary and doubling instruments be differentiated?

Or just select and copy this: ♭