Staff Label background in Galley View

In older projects, when I scroll in Galley View, Staff Labels have a White Background, which I prefer.
In my newer projects that White Background has disappeared, guess I ticked something, but can’t find anything about to change this. Any advice?

Dorico-Staff Labels without White background-02

Engrave > Paragraph Styles > Galley View Margin Labels > Background color (at the bottom). Once you’ve set it- but before you close the dialog, as there’s a little bug here - click the Star icon in the bottom left corner to Save As Default. That way it’ll carry through to future projects (but not existing ones).

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Thank you so much!
That did it.

Another problem that I just ran into - you can change the color for individual labels in Setup by using the Edit Name for the instrument. But you have to select the name in the text area first, or it doesn’t save - even if you click to use it as default. It took me a while to figure that out, so it may be useful to someone in the future. Maybe include it in documentation?

The documentation does mention that you can “select any part of the instrument name and edit it independently of other parts”. Perhaps the explanations of the text editor options could clarify they apply to the selected part of the long or short staff label, as you might want “for rehearsal only” to appear in italics but “Piano” to appear normal for a piano reduction instrument, for instance.

It might be better to be specific. I read that as “I can change any part if I want, but it will affect the entire text if I don’t select anything”. Thanks for looking at it!