Staff label discrepancies

I imported this file via XML, and the trombone parts (unlike the other divisi parts) were stacked. After importing, I created a new player (Trombone 2) and copied the 2nd trombone part in and erased it from the original. However, after condensing, the staff label doesn’t behave like my others (clar., tpt., hn.) I’m sure this is “user error” but I can’t figure out how to make my trombone staff labels look correct. Any help is greatly appreciated. Here’s a screenshot:

Have you tried changing the first trombone to… well, trombone too, but from Dorico’s perspective? I often find I need to change all instruments to the apparent same after an xml import in order for Dorico to work as expected.

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For how to change instruments whilst retaining all their music (no need to add new players & duplicate music manually), see here:

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Worked perfectly! Thanks, Marc!