Staff label for Pedal in 3-stave organ

Is it possible to add a staff label for the Pedal in 3-stave organ?

Edit Name only show “Organ”.

The only way to do this automatically is to use the 2stave organ, and then add a different instrument below that and rename it, and then manually change the bracketing.

That said, apart from once at the beginning, please do not mark every stave for the organ (at least in the organ part itself). Full orchestral score it’s probably not necessary either, but there I can see a case for it. But for just an organ part, you don’t need to label it.

Yes, I assumed this was the case.

No, this is a solo organ edition, and they, by tradition, are always labeled and indented on the first system. The rest is without labels, unless it is an organ symphony or similar, with movements.

This is my “piano grand staff + bass line” organ, a solution as you describe. It works well, minus the organ playback.

Too bad the label for pedal in the 3-stave organ could not be added, I would not mind doing the manual adjustments of the vertical distances in Engrave mode (as discussed before), but the staff label is important.

Just change the piano sound to organ in the playback template.

I think you’d have to qualify this statement to a particular period or place. I have more editions than not that are unlabeled. It is common, but hardly de rigeur in my experience, since it’s so obvious. The grand stave curly brace is what clarifies the manuals.

You may find with the 2-manual organ and the pedal as a separate player that the vertical spacing can end up with the pedal part way too far from the manuals to look right. Not that it is wrong, but as a long time organist I can’t remember the last time I saw a piece with the pedals labeled.

This is one of the reasons I find some of the Oxford press editions so disppointing.

Indeed it is clear, but tradition……
Modern engravings might not have it as much, older have. Dupré/Leduc used an alternative, giving the suggested registration at each staff in some scores. Looking at Adeste Fideles by Dupre [Belwin-Mills, USA] the keep the tradition. Older Schott as well. The older complete organ works of Bach/Bärenreiter has none in some vols. (but then, the title of the collection say it all…). Some have, some don’t. I prefer with. I have scores that say Piano on Beethovens Piano Sonatas… I guess it was a tradition. Perhaps not today as much.

Yes, I have spent most of the evening tuning my template in Dorico to mimic the layout I’ve used for 30+ years. The majority of my (older) scores has Pedal (or Pedale) as label.