Staff Label Full Name Formatting - Trying to achieve: 1st [line break] Bb Trumpet

Hi! For some reason I keep diving into more Dorico puzzles. Just looking for any thoughts on this. I have been attempting to re-create a specific house style just to see if it is possible. I need to make the staff label for the first trumpet part to be the following in the score:


Here is my reference image:

And here is what I have currently. Using the Academico Font:

I am attempting to use the {@flat@} token in the player and instrument names to no avail. I am assuming they just do not function in the staff label context. I also can’t find the flat symbol in the windows emoji keyboard. Copying the unicode symbol from SMUFLs github results in a blank square - unless I change the font to bravura or bravura text - this makes the flat sign very small, and enlarging it displaces the line with “1st” vertically. It seems the SMUFL character take up a lot more vertical space then you would expect from the display size of the symbol.

Would the only solution here be to add another trumpet instrument, with no music. and rename it to “1st” and force it to condense with the real 1st trumpet part?

Bravura Text is designed to work alongside regular text fonts, so that’s the one to go for for the flat glyph. Note that you can alter the line leading using the buttons in the text toolbar:

(I note the flat’s even smaller in your reference image; you have control over the size of each character individually if you so wish.)

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Okay yeah I must have been using just the Bravura font, not the text version. I’ll probably do the same thing and input that symbol as text instead of letting dorico populate the other instrument names with their transpositions.