Staff label grouping in condensed score

I’ve set the setting in Engraving Options to group and center but getting separate labels, still:

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And this goes for all instruments. What am I doing wrong? Is it because I renamed the players manually where originally they held their main instrument and a “hand clap”?

It’s best/quickest to upload a cut-down project for almost all Condensing issues.

Unless you are using Player names in your Staff Labels, renaming Players will have no effect.

It’s likely to do with renaming Instruments. What happens to Horns 1 and 3 if the instruments are just named “Horn” (and Dorico adds the number)?

(You can see how I could have checked this all myself if I had the project :slightly_smiling_face:)

Here, I’ve trimmed it down as much as possible.
_staff_label_sample.dorico (2.9 MB)

I think the issue is that you have set your Layout to use Player Names rather than Instrument Names for staff labels.

I don’t think staff labels will consolidate unless you use the Instrument Names.

In order to consolidate, the names have to be exactly the same – this works with instruments, because Dorico adds the transposition and number automatically, leaving the underlying instrument name the same.

Perhaps there’s an alternative solution for labelling your staves, e.g. renaming the hand clap instruments?

Hm, it seems to be something in the layout options. If I reset everything to factory defaults in the example file, the grouping and alignment works. Need to investigate further.

Update: OK, it was the setting to show player names instead of instrument names. Apparently player names aren’t consolidated (if changed manually, at least, even if they are basically the same). The problem with showing instrument names is that the hand clap is shown in the staff labels, so I need to find a workaround for this, indeed.

Another update: It seems like I have to scrap the “hand clap” instrument thing and just write the hand claps into the regular staves with system text above each because I just read that secondary instruments aren’t collapsed anyway which results in lots of redundant systems with the same content in the score. So, together with the staff labeling issue I guess it’s just easier to hack this into the regular instruments (and forget correct playback since audio is not going to be published anyway).

If one uses a separate voice for the handclaps, that voice can be directed to a handclap sound or can be silenced with Suppress Playback and have the sound produced by a hidden staff.

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Out of curiousity: would a Midi-Trigger Region not also do the trick to trigger a sample in such cases? I never tried, but it just occured to me.

I suppose so.