Staff Label Positions: good on RH, poor on LH

I’m having an issue where the divisi number spacing relative to the bracket is good on the right-hand side pages but not on the left:



The difficulty is with the ‘2.’ I can’t find any option to fix this. Any suggestions?

The first example has the first and second staves closer together than in the second example, but the “hump” in the brace stays in the same position, ie halfway between the two outermost staves, and is not re-aligned on the middle staff when the spacing changes. Unless it creates problems, you might try re-spacing the staves. Hopefully the “Cb. 2.” will move with the middle staff.

Also, check the “Change Divisi dialog” section in the manual. I have not yet needed to explore its possibilities so am not familiar with it, but it does have some text editing/formatting capabilities. It might address your need in a better way.

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Dorico’s not super-intelligent about the width of the different brace designs as the staves get further apart. Another option would be to experiment with the settings on the Brackets and Braces page of Engraving Options concerning the overall height of the brace and when it should switch between the different designs.

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Thanks Daniel and Steven. I ended up just adding a trailing space. It’s a decent compromise. Nothing else I tried worked.