Staff label query

Hello Dorico users, I added two staves for Trumpet. Dorico correctly added “in Bb” (as I wanted). And it automatically named the parts

Trumpet in Bb 1
Trumpet in Bb 2

The problem is that I want two trumpets on the second staff, and I want to call it Trumpet 2.3. I can’t find any way to achieve this. I’ve changed the Player Name, the Layout Name, and the Instrument Name, without success.
When I change the Instrument Name I get

Trumpet in Bb (with no number)
Trumpet 2.3 in Bb

Ideally, I’d like to get

Trumpet in Bb 1
Trumpet in Bb 2.3

Does anyone know how to get this?

Anything you do at this point constitutes a workaround, because Dorico’s Condensing feature doesn’t yet exist (or if it does, it hasn’t been released).

In order to get absolute control here you’ll probably need to go Edit Names, turn OFF the automated transposition in the staff label, then type it back in manually, precisely where you want it. For details on how to copy and paste a flat glyph, search this forum for flat glyph - this comes up frequently.

Thanks, Pianoleo. That sort of occurred to me. I just wondered if there was an official way to do it.

I have a strange behavior.
My score shows ‘Clarinet in Ab’:
Bildschirmfoto 2020-06-17 um 12.39.34.png
Although I did all this:

Where is the problem please?

Hi Peer.
See that “immer” highlighted blue in your name editor? My guess is the instrument is wrong (although I don’t know any clarinet in a flat). Try changing that immer to nie, this should solve the name issue.

In the Edit Instrument Names dialog, you’ve set the name to Clarinet. You’ve left the “show transposition” set to “Immer” (which translates in English as “Always”. You should type the full name (including your intended transposition) into the Full Name (Vollständiger Name) box, then set the Transposition zeigen to “Nie”.

The name of the Player, as set in the left panel of Setup mode, is just for your reference. It doesn’t appear anywhere in the score at all, unless you happen to use the {@playerList@} or {@playerNames@} tokens. The name of the Layout, as set in the right panel of Setup mode, affects what is shown by default in the left corner of the first page of each part layout, and the running header on subsequent pages (though it’s sometimes useful to replace the {@layoutName@} token with the {@staffLabelsFull@} token, which will mimic whatever you’ve set in the Edit Instrument Names dialog).

The {@staffLabelsFull@} token is really useful for showing flat and sharp glyphs, thanks for that pianoleo! Here is a question/request for the Dorico team: would it make sense for the {@layoutName@} token to mirror the Edit instrument Names dialog? Or else, make {@staffLabelsFull@} the default for parts? I would bet that most people don’t want their clarinet part to say “B flat” at the upper left corner, they would rather have it show the glyph.

If I am not mistaken, you can use {@flat@} token directly in the layout name (in the right list) since Dorico 3. It will show correctly as the flat glyph in the part.

Thanks Marc, you are right - I thought I had tried this, but I must have done something wrong. Time to go fix some of my old scores and parts!

although I don’t know any clarinet in a flat

Piccolo Clarinet in A-flat does exist, often used in French military bands (or used to be, at any rate).
There is also a Piccolo Clarinet in G (not to be confused with the Clarinet in G one octave lower, used in Turkish folk music) that is used in Viennese folk music (Schrammelmusik).

Probably more than you wanted to know…

Thanks for the information :sweat_smile:
I don’t know much about all these “niche” instruments (even if I started somehow in a kind of French military band), always a pleasure to learn something!

I wanted to delete my question, but the forum was down after I posted it :slight_smile:
The thing is: I have a German version.
There you can choose ‘clarinet in A Be’…I thought this would be a label for combi clarinet ‘Clarinet in A / Bb’…hahaha
But it means ‘Clarinet in Ab’ - that’s why this was shown in my score…stupid me…

Thanks for the feedback, my guess was on spot :wink: