Staff label settings for single flow

I am preparing a book of a dozen or so songs. Most songs are voice with harp or piano and only require a label on the first system. A few songs include instruments so I need abbreviated labels on the rest of the systems for those. I am using the same layout and players/instruments for the entire book, and each song is a single flow with a frame break at the beginning.

How can I put the abbreviated labels on single flows?


Ed Roberts

I’ve tried deleting the abbreviations in the player/instrument panel and that just repeats the full name. If I put in a blank space, all subsequent systems are indented by the blank space.

Insert a system break at the location in question (even though that won’t change the layout). Then select the system break signpost, and change the labels for that signpost location via the properties panel.

Thanks! It works, but I can’t get it to propagate to the rest of the piece. It just affects the single system even if there’s no system break on the next system. At least there’s only one or two pieces out of the dozen or so that require abbreviated staff labels!


Ed Roberts

Dear Ed,
Using breaks to specify staff names format is a local option. The general option is in Layout options > Staves and systems (first options)
It’s up to you to decide which general option will be less prone to be modified to optimize your file (and your time).