Staff Label shows differently between Full Score and Individual Part

Dorico 4 on Mac OS 11.6.2. I’m a very new user, but a 30+ year user of Finale. I’ve done the tutorials, watched the videos, and searched the manual, but can’t find a solution to this.

In my full score, I have set the staff labels to read something like: Trumpet 1 in Bb. However, when I go to the individual part, the name reads Trumpet (B Flat) 1. I’ve set the layout options for the part to not put parentheses around the pitch and to put the number before the pitch, but it doesn’t have an effect on the part. I’d like the part name to look like the one in the score. I’ve tried editing the name and nothing I do seems to make a difference. Any suggestions or guidance for fixing this would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!


That by default comes from the LayoutName. You can edit the Master Page/Page Template to replace the {@layoutname@} token with the {@stafflabelsfull@} token.
Or, you can edit the Layoutname to read Trumpet 1 in B{@flat@}.

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Thank you, Craig_F! I had just figured out the renaming the Layout part, but didn’t know about {@flat@} token. That’s extremely helpful. I’ll also check out the Master Page Template as you suggested.

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Here’s the relevant page in the manual that outlines the different names that you might associate with the same instrument/player and where they’re used.

There’s also now labelled diagrams of what information gets put on pages automatically using Dorico’s default page templates.

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Thanks, Lillie! The page template diagrams are particularly helpful!