Staff label style

I have a problem with disappearing styling of staff labels. This shows in two ways:

  1. When I format the staff label (eg bold) everything works. But say, I want to name my singer parts Alice and Bob instead of Soprano and Baritone (Layout Options > Staves and Systems > Show player name instead of instrument names). As soon as I do that, the formatting applied to the instrument name disappears. I want it back!

  2. When I want to create a custom paragraph style (say, ‘Staff Label 2’) identical to the original one to enclose certain labels in a border. When I assign the new style to a staff, the box does not appear. (It also does not appear when I select a default paragraph style which already has a border, like Layout Name.)

What am I doing wrong?

Welcome to the forum, @fblockx. It could be a big pain in the bum, but you could perhaps make the Staff labels paragrpah style bold, so that your player names are shown in bold, and then override the other staff labels that are using the instrument names rather than player names to be overridden as plain rather than bold. (This is because player names are plain text and cannot include local formatting.)

Staff labels don’t draw borders, even if the paragraph style defines one. This is a limitation due to the complexities of positioning staff labels, which can internally involve drawing multiple text items that are automatically positioned relative to each other.

Thanks, Daniel, and what an honour to have my first question answered by The Man himself (thanks for the great work from yourself and the entire team btw!).

Good to know those are technical limitations and I’m not missing anything.
And in that case feel free to consider #1 a feature request :slight_smile:

Sorry that the answer to your first question was basically “no”! :slight_smile:

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