staff label transpositions - on new line

hi there –

how is it possible to make default that Staff transpositions show up on a new line.

For example – not
Cl. 1 in Bb

Cl. 1
(in Bb)


saves space this way.

thank you!

Rename the instrument in Setup mode, add the transposition manually, and hide the automatic transposition from displaying.

EDIT: this is not the best way. See better answer below.

Thank you, but two questions

  1. what if the instrument changes midway, e.g. from Clarinet in B-flat to Clarinet in E-flat?
  2. where do you get the symbol for flat?
  1. Just rename that instrument the same way.

  2. You can copy and paste the flat sign from here: You have to use Bravura Text font for the flat.

But it doesn’t quite work right… the flat is offset quite a bit, and the line break is too large. I also had to adjust the flat downward a bit, as it appears superscripted. I also increased the font size.

So it seems that it works great, except when there’s a line break involved. Which was the point of your question. In fact, I’d be curious to know if someone has a better solution to this, as I’d use it too.

Thanks Dan!

Dear Dan,
I’d like to know why you do not like the U+266D (E and F) solution for flat, natural and sharp… ⁦ ♭♮♯
At least it does not require any glyph copy-paste !

Yeah, I still can’t get unicodes to work. I’ve tried, I promise!

I haven’t bothered taking the time to try again, and I can’t bring myself to ask other users again. Plus I need them so rarely it hasn’t bugged me enough to figure it out.

Windows does not have a system wide way of entering Unicode codepoints. It must be written into the Application.

Somewhat related, does anyone have a solution to achieve this?
1 and 2 on separate lines, and the instrument vertically centered next to it.

You can do it by changing the leading so that hitting Return only advances vertically by half of the height of the text, so that you can then write 1, Return, lots of Space, Flute, Return, 2.

Once Dorico supports the automatic production of a condensed conductor’s score, it will support this kind of staff labeling automatically.

Of course! That’s a brilliant way to achieve this (for now)!
Thanks, Daniel!

In answer to the OP’s question, there is in fact a MUCH easier way than what I suggested previously. I just discovered it, quite by accident.

Setup – Edit Name. Click on the short name and simply add a blank line by pressing Enter.

Your instrument short name will now be displayed as:

I’d say that’s slightly easier… :wink:

Craig, is this something that can be accomplished through a 3rd-part application? Or are you saying it has to be baked into Dorico?

It’s best if the Application supports it directly. There is this utility. I have not tried it.

Thanks, I’m trying to get into Unicode… again. I still can’t get the flat sign to display correctly in the darn layout name. When I copy and paste the flat symbol, there’s a gigantic space between it and the note name.

I see a space in the layout name panel but, in the part it displays fine.

I get this:

What font are you using? I’m using Minion Pro. Maybe that’s why? But it displays fine for the staff name…

Thanks for the link to the Unicode program, but it doesn’t seem to work with Dorico.

Sorry, I know this is rather OT for this thread.
coming up flat.png

I’m using Dorico’s Academico.

Flat Symbol.png

Ok. I’d rather not switch fonts for the layout names, but I do want the flat sign. I guess I’ll switch to Academico for that bit at least, unless someone has any suggestions about how to fix it in Minion Pro.

Thanks for the help!