Staff label with all instruments a player has

Hello everyone! I’m having another little problem I can’t figure out…

Is it possible to have the staff labels on the first page of a score say all the instrument names a player has? For example: My player plays Bassoon 3 and also Contrabassoon. Now Dorico shows only ‘Contrabassoon’ on the first page, because it is the first instrument the player will play. But I want this label to be ‘Basson 3 & Contrabassoon’. Otherwise not all instruments needed for the piece would show up on the first page, which is uncustomary and would create confusion.

Or is there a way to maybe have the player names instead of the instrument names as staff labels? Or maybe just an option to edit the staff label directly?

Thanks in advance!

There’s no way to make Dorico show all instruments in the staff label currently - but you can edit the names of the instrument played first, which updates the corresponding staff labels; if you edit the long (full) name but show short (abbreviated) names on subsequent systems, this shouldn’t mess up your staff labels too much (i.e. it won’t show both names throughout the rest of the flow).

Not specific to a score layout, but I would really love some more labelling options here too. Typically on the first page of parts I’ll list all instruments required for that piece:

… but individual pages after the first need to list what instrument the player is playing when that page begins, so they don’t have to hunt back through the entire piece to know what instrument they are supposed to be on when skipping around during a rehearsal:

Some more options to automate this would be great!

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