Staff labels and divisi condensing

In Slice 1 the Violins staff labels are correct.

In Slice 2, divisi condensing in Vln II, changes the staff labeling.

The only solution is maybe to use divisi in the part and not in the score, using two separate projects, but that’s not the Dorico philosophy.
Thank you

Please provide a cut-down project file that demonstrates this issue in action so I can take a look and see if there’s anything I can do to advise how you might approach it.

Please find here attached the sample project.
The problem shows starting from bar 370.
Thank you very much.
Rabaglia sample2.dorico (1.3 MB)

Sorry for the long delay in coming back to this thread, Stefano. The issue is caused by the three earlier bracket/barline changes you’ve created in the flow. If I remove those changes, then at bar 370 ff. the “sub-brace” still appears as expected for the violins. Perhaps it’s possible for you to avoid those bracket/barline changes?

Thank you for the reply.
I removed the bracket/barline changes but nothing happened.
The Violins labels are still divided.
Maybe I should upload the complete 8 MBytes project?
Thank you

I’ve created a new project from scratch and I experiment the same behaviour.
Divisi condensing in Violins part force the labels to split into Violin I and Violin II.

Here is my attempt to solve the staff label problem:

Staff labels and divisi condensing.dorico (547.2 KB)

In this project, there are three violin sections. The first two are automatically numbered and the third is explicitly named Violini II. The first two sections are used in the full score, but the part for the second section has been deleted and replaced by the part for the third section. The second section used in the score does not use divisi but the third section used in the part does use divisi. The notes in the second and third sections are duplicated with the divisi in the third section reduced to one staff in the second section. While there is duplication, hopefully this approach is more in the Dorico philosophy than using two projects.

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Thank you John.
Very clever indeed. It takes just a bit of extra work but it’s a brilliant solution.
My project is an entire opera act, more than 1000 bars long.
Losing the link between score and parts (Violin II) forces me to be very careful and remember to copy any correction on both score and parts.
But it’s ok. Thank you very much and “bravo!”.

Having seen a score of that opera act on IMSLP, I admire your tenacity in entering all of the music into Dorico.