Staff labels, divisi, System breaks

I have a piece that’s SATB, and I’m using divisi for SSAATTBB sections. The Basses are divisi at the start of the Flow, so I’ve used customized Section numbers to give me “Bass 1” and “Bass 2” labels. I’ve therefore hidden the “Bass” Player name that would otherwise appear between the two labels.

I don’t show abbrev. labels on every system, but I do want to show them where the topography changes. I therefore invoke a System Break, and set the preference to show abbreviated labels. However, the Bass abbreviated label doesn’t show up: presumably, because I’ve set the divisi options to hide the Player name.

Given that setting the preference to show labels at the Break is an explicit custom instruction, should it not ‘override’ the divisi settings? And should Breaks have a setting to show or hide Section names, too?
I dare say there are circumstances I’ve not thought about.

For the time being, I can use the old trick of copying the divisi flag to a point further down the score, with modified settings.
Screenshot 3.png

Certainly for the time being your only option is to duplicate the divisi. I think in the fullness of time what we really need is a “staff label change” item, like a note spacing change, that allows you to access all of the staff label-related options on the Staves and Systems page of Layout Options.

That would be great!!!