staff labels for doublers

I have decided to add an English horn to the oboe part as a double. I would like the score to show that in the staff name, i.e. “Oboe & English horn” on the initial page and “Ob. & EH” subsequently instead of showing the name of the “active” instrument only. The part does it just fine, but the score does not.

I gather that the only way to actually switch from one instrument to the other is to go to galley view and start writing in the appropriate line as both parts of the double appear there. Is that correct? Once I’ve started a passage, then I can go back to Page View and continue. It’s not a problem but it took me a while to figure it out.

You are correct that the only way to create the transition from one instrument to the other held by the same player is to write music for each instrument in galley view.

If you want to change the staff labels so that it always shows both the instruments’ names, you should use the Edit Names dialog for both the oboe and cor instruments so that they both show your desired names in the staff label.

Actually, you can enter music on the visible staff in Page View, then select it and hit Alt/Opt-M/N to move it to the staff below or above.

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