Staff Labels for Horns

Simple question. My horns automatically number themselves with roman numerals even though I’ve set it to have instruments to use arabic numbers. Then when I set the staff labels to appear between instruments of the same kind it works for all the arabic instruments but the horns each receive a label instead of all receiving just one. Not sure what I’m missing here. How do I get it so that the horns also are labelled like the other instruments?

Did you create the horn parts as solo players or section players? They are numbered differently.

Silly me! Thanks for catching that!

I have the opposite problem from the OP in this thread. My Horn staves use Arabic. I want Roman, but I want all other solo instruments to use Arabic. I can’t seem to find a way to do this. I do NOT want to create the horn parts as section players, as I only want one sound on playback for each horn.

Anybody have a clue?

  1. Use a Section Player and manually load the sound you want in Play mode.
  2. Edit the name of each instrument to what you want. e.g. Horn in F I. Turn off display of transposition.

Thanks, Craig.