„staff labels for identical adjacent solo instruments” – why singular?

Example: I have 2 flutes: flute 1 and flute 2 (solo players). When I switch on: „staff labels for identical adjacent solo instruments”, the name of the instruments is centered between two staffs. But in this case why is it still „flute” and not „flutes”? Please, correct me, if I am wrong, but it should (or at least – it could be the option) be plural: „flutes” beetwen the staffs with the upper staff being labeled “1” and the lower one “2”.

As yet the plural names haven’t been fully implemented in Dorico. You’ll have to do it manually for now.

Yes, we certainly intend to switch to using the plural forms of the names in due course, but there are a number of complexities around localisation, e.g. gendered languages may require different ordinals according to the gender of the instruments.

I am resurrecting this thread because I have the same question (and have to the best of my abilities searched for an answer. Really, I spend some time to do that before I post). Pianoleo or others - how can one manually edit a staff label name at the staff, so to speak? Won’t Dorico always take the staff label name from the Players list in Setup mode? I may well be ridiculously confused. Enlightenment appreciated.

As far as I know, staff labels show the name of the instrument which occurs firstly in the staff.
This name (or those names, if you are using more instruments per player) are used for the corresponding layout name.
You can override those automatically created names for layouts manually, if you like.

If your question is identical to Del_Gesu’s, then the answer is to name your Flutes “Flutes”. They’ll show in the score as Flutes 1 and 2, and it doesn’t really matter that on the part layout you want “Flute 1” at the top left - the {@layoutName@} token can hold different information to the staff labels.

If your question is subtly different from Del_Gesu’s, please give an example of what you’re trying to achieve.

Thanks both. The answer is of course as you say, to use plurals for the Players and change the layout names.