Staff labels of percussion kits


I wanted to create a custom percussion kit (Dorico 5/Windows).
I didn’t find a way to define something from scratch, it seems we have to create from predefined instruments. As I wanted a percussion kit with 2 staves, in Library/Instruments I created a new instrument from the “Congas”. Then I gave it a new name.
The difficulty is now to rename the 2 instruments of the kit. I searched for a very long time, but finally found that I have to quit this window, go in Setup Mode, add my new instrumentist with my custom instrument, and clic “Edit percussion kit” on the Instrument (3 dots), then select the (sub-)instrument to rename (in the tabs “5-line staff” or “Grid”), then clic on “Edit the names”. The name is changed in the score, but not in the Percussion Kit window (in my case, they remain “Conga (Quinto)” and “Conga (Tumba)”). This is very confusing, a long time went before I saw it actually was changed in the score.

Am I doing something wrong ? Isn’t there an easier way for the naming in the step of creating the instrument ? Can’t I create an instrument really from scratch and not from a black box with unchangeable parameters and names ?
I’m relatively new on Dorico, I learned many things and I’m now able to do a lot (orchestral or pop scores), but the Instrument/Instrumentists part is the most difficult part for me (the concept is great and well-thought, and I think I understand it, but I find its implementation/UI very unintuitive and confusing for my brain).

Thanks for your help.
(sorry if the menu names are not exactly correct, I’m using a french version…)

You’re doing the right thing here, Matthieu. The step you missed that would have made it marginally easier to handle would have been to create two new individual percussion instruments in Library > Instruments, then create a new percussion kit instrument that uses your two new percussion instruments. That way your kit would really contain instruments set up as you want them to be, rather than congas that you need to rename.

Ah OK, now it seems more logical !
Many thanks !