Staff labels on solo player

Hi. I’m writing a piece for piano trio (pno, vln, vcl), and the cello must have 2 systems. I want each system to be labeled “left hand” and (you guessed it) “right hand”. How do I do this for a solo player? As of now I have tried just adding an extra staff above, but I seem not to find a way to naming this: Dorico interpret now the cello as having some kind of grand staff.

Any help is very much appreciated.

  • Jan Martin

Use the divisi feature, and you can label the staves as you wish in the divisi settings.

Note: to use the divisi feature, the cello must be created as a section player.

Thank you Dan.

I know about this solution, hence my question about solo player.
Nevertheless, I think you are right: I have to change to section player to do this.

  • Jan Martin

Jan, in engrave mode, you can do a bracket change to set either a bracket or a brace (or nothing at all!) just as you desire.

Jan, you could simply add two solo cellos. Dorico would call them Cello 1 and Cello 2, but you can easily edit the instrument name in Setup mode to indicate R and L hands.

Thank you Romano & Dan, I think I hav found a solution. Maybe two.