Staff Labels: Player Name Layout

Hi all

Note: I have Staff labels for identical adjacent instruments set to “Group between staves”

When selecting the “Show player name instead of instrument name” function, and I have two players with the same Name (in this instance, “Percussion”), the label does centre like other instruments with the same name (like for when two “Flute” players automatically become “Flute 1” and “Flute 2”), but does not automatically assign player numberings (see screenshot 1):

When I name them manually (i.e. player names are set to “Percussion 1” and “Percussion 2” respectively), they do not group together (see screenshot 2):

Ideally, is there a way to mirror the exact same way to get the following with Percussion players?

Many thanks!
– Conrad

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There is not, I’m afraid, a way to group staff labels for players using player names rather than instrument names at the moment.

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Hi Daniel

Thanks for letting me know!