Staff labels

Why this inconsistency in the trumpets?
Engraving option is set to stack labels vertically and consider stem allocation.

If you always want them stacked vertically, then choose “ignore stem allocation”.

In the first system, technically at the beginning the trumpets are all in the same voice (all resting). It’s only later in the system that they come in, in two voices.

You could try adding a condensing change at the start of the first system, and force the trumpets into two voices there? I’m not 100% on whether that would work though, or whether you’d need to show two sets of rests.

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I don’t see, why the rests would count. It would be so logical for the labels to be 1.2 on the top and 3. on the bottom on both occasions. You would never specify in the score if the rests are tutti or divisi…
That’s a bummer. A lot of manual work ahead.

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