Staff lines have different thicknesses

I am using Dorico Pro. It works fine so far. Unexpectedly staff has some lines of different thicknesses when I print to PDF file. What can be the cause of this ? Where can it be set like that ?

The follow-up question is whether the lines are the same when you print the PDF or whether the difference you see is the result of screen resolution.

The other follow-up is whether you’re printing to PDF with a third-party PDF “printer” or using Dorico’s native Graphics Export functionality. If the former, you should try the latter.

Don’t print to PDF: use Dorico’s built-in PDF export. Chances are, though, that the PDF is fine, but that you’re looking at it in a crummy PDF viewer on Windows, like (sadly) Adobe Acrobat Reader. These days Acrobat Reader’s on-screen rendering on Windows is awful.


@dspreadbury What do you recommend instead? I’d be interested to try something else. I’m on Windows.

I don’t use Windows myself, but I believe Foxit PDF Reader has better on-screen rendering than Acrobat Reader DC.

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I use Foxit PDF Reader as my default viewer. Very reliable.

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I have Acrobat Pro. Anybody know if that does better?

Historically, yes, Acrobat itself has better, more reliable rendering than Reader, especially in the Reader DC generation.

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I use Acrobat Pro on a Mac and I occasionally have some lines appear thicker in the screen rendering after exporting as PDF from Dorico. They always print out fine, however.

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That’s probably due to a setting in Acrobat’s preferences to ‘smooth’ lines and text. Essentially, it’s rounding to the nearest pixel.

Foxit Reader is an excellent lightweight PDF Reader, on both platforms, and also has some editing features for annotations and Table of Contents bookmarks.