Staff misalignment on instrument changes

I couldn’t find a thread on this, so apologies if it’s been covered already.

I have a score where I change instruments to a single line staff when the player isn’t active. In some instances, the single line staff is not aligned with the 5 line staves. I know that others have had this issue, but don’t know if/how it was resolved. I’ve attached a screen shot. Note the Clarinet and Bassoon parts.


You should be able to sort this out by doing Engrave > Staff Spacing > Reset Frame for the affected frame.

Brilliant -thank you. In case it’s helpful I was able to track this behavior back to occasions when I completed setting up all of the pages for a given flow, then added a flow after that, and selected fewer instruments than the flow before. For example, flow 1 is all instruments. I set up all the frames and space everything as wanted. Then I add flow 2 but do not use the bassoon. When I do that the instrument changes in the basson part in flow 1 no longer align properly. It turns out that behavior was pretty consistent in this score.