Staff Name Alignment Bug?

Hello All–

I created a “template” file for creating communion antiphons where I’ve added 6 “voice” instruments and then renamed them. One is for refrain, four are for the verses, and one is for the concluding gloria tone. I enter the psalms in galley view and hide all empty staves. Each verset gets its own instrument and as a result, Dorico can generate my verse labels automatically using the staff labels. However, I’ve noticed that the staff labels are not aligning properly and I can’t figure out why. Some do and some don’t; they are all configured exactly the same (I double checked). I’m attaching two screen shots, the first is of the empty template file (notice V2), the second is an example of one that is finished (this looks much better although all of the labels are still sitting high).


Surely there’s a stray carriage return at the end of the “V2” staff label.

You nailed it. It was invisible so I didn’t know it was there! Thanks. :blush: :laughing:

(Like the new headshot, BTW)

Thanks! Taken by my photographer wife last week when she visited the office to do portraits of everybody in the team for some kind of corporate video the team in Hamburg are doing. My previous profile picture was from 2015, and the beard is considerably greyer now than it was then, so I thought it was appropriate to update the picture to show how Old Father Time is ravaging me…

Actually, the new photo looks younger. Congrats to your photographer wife!