Staff Name in Page View for two instruments, one player

I have added a player named “Cymbals”. I have assigned the player two instruments - crash cymbals and suspended cymbal. I have entered music in each staff in Galley View. In Page View Dorico correctly displays an instrument change (“to Cr. Cym.” and “Cr. Cym.”) but is also adding the Staff Name to the instrument change - i.e. “to Cr. Cym. Cymbals” or “to Sus. Cym. Cymbals”. I hope that’s clear. How do I change this?

In Galley view there are no instrument changes shown. Instead, you’ll see the player’s name and the instrument at the beginning of each staff. Can you post an example project or, at least, a screenshot, of what you’re seen?

thanks lucas_r_r for the fast reply. I have been tinkering with it and realized that I had changed the staff name. Once I returned it to its original name Dorico behaves as it should.


Glad you sorted it out!

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