Staff Names and Numbering

I’m just getting a grip on working with many flows in one score. I first export an XML from Cubase into a new project, work on the notation there, and then export that as a flow, then import that flow into the complete score (with the flows as different movements). The problem is that I end up sometimes creating “new” instruments. I usually click “Merge with existing instruments” when possible, but a few times the imported flow had a changed instrument order, which didn’t happen when I didn’t choose this option (and which couldn’t be changed, as they were wrong on the notation, but in the correct order in the setup lists). Now the instrument names on staves have ridiculous numbering, like Bassoon 5, Flute 3, which makes no sense for the players.

And I have too many instruments in the players and layouts lists. The piece is for Woodwind quintet, so it’s always the same 5 players, sometimes less. Is there a way to reduce the players all to the original 5 instruments? Or if that doesn’t work, just take the numbers off the instruments names on the staves?

I think you’ll need to copy and paste the music from each instrument in each flow after the first onto the appropriate “main” instrument belonging to each player, perhaps e.g. the ones that it ended up using for the first flow, and then when you’ve got all of the music copied across to just five instruments, you can delete each of the additional instruments and players until you have only the original five players and instruments left. Then all should be well.

If you have any problems doing that, by all means zip up the project and attach it here and I’ll do it for you. I don’t expect it will take terribly long.

Okay, thanks, Daniel. I’m not quite sure exactly what that means, so if you have the time, I’ll attach the zip here later tonight.

Okay, Daniel, I’ll attach the zip. It has 15 movements, so if that’s too much trouble, just tell me in simple terms what I have to do (have to learn all this anyway!). The many instruments happened because when I imported new flows (with “merge instruments where possible”), often the French Horn and Bassoon were in reversed order, and I couldn’t fix that with layout options…had to import them without the option.

Thanks again for your time, I’m really enjoying Dorico as I gain practice.

Oh no, I just tried to attach the zip, and it says it’s too large (almost 6 MB). Can I send it with wetransfer or something?

I believe what Daniel is saying (or at least the way I am reading it), is to create a blank score with all of the players you will need. And save that file as your ‘master’ file. Open each XML file, and copy and paste the music from that opened XML file, into your ‘master’ file. It won’t take too terribly long. The ingest part is going to be switching between files, as Dorico loads the sound engine each time with the VST information. Eventually, your individual XML files will all be copied into this new ‘master’ file, and you should be good to go.


You can certainly send it to me via WeTransfer – my email address is d dot spreadbury at steinberg dot de.