Staff names and numbers in a choral part with divisi

I am re-writing a score.
It’s for a cappella chorus, 8 parts + 3 soloists.

There are two of each choral staves: 2 soprano, 2 alto, etc…

I need most of the time only 4 staves, though it varies throughout the score.

Except since there are two of each “instrument”, it’s showing S. 1, A. 1, T. 1, B. 1

I’d like to have just S. A. T. B when only those four staves are present.

I know the trick about adding a space before the staff name… except that screws up the layout when I need all 8 staves. It now shows me S. and S. on each soprano staff, rather than once between the staves as I’d like.

How about 4 choral parts with divisi when needed?
Are you arranging the parts SSAATTBB or SATB/SATB?

it’s basically divisi where needed.

but I thought there was too much trouble with divisi vocal staves? or is that condensing vocal staves?

this is relatively simple, musically.
there are no “parts”, it’s just a vocal score.
some pages require two staves for some voices, where the rhythms are too messy to comfortably place it all on one staff.

one movement has 6-8 staves on most pages, and one movement has basically 4 choral staves plus the three soloists.

I’ve figured out how to insert a hyphen before a syllable if I have to give the illusion of a divided staff. But I guess using actual divisi it would include the correct hyphens?

I’ll have to try it out on a page.

Yes, it’s condensing vocal staves that’s still messy. No need for that if it’s just a score!

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it’s a shame that hyphens in lyrics don’t follow when dividing staves.
for example, if the sopranos suddenly divide, and the division happens mid-word, the new divided system doesn’t show a starting hyphen.
the same is true for hyphens at the end of divided passages, just before it goes back to unison, if it’s mid-word.