Staff Names When Scrolling

Is there a way to lock staff names when scrolling?

Some software shows full names to start and short names when scrolling, but any way to lock this would be good, especially since the staff positions change after the title page.

Thank you.

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Not sure, if you mean this setting?

Shift + Command + L

“Staff labels on subsequent systems” → “Full”

Use Galley View.

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Thank you both.

Following up:

  1. I have a PC so I believe the key command must Shift+CTRL+L. That takes me to a set up screen that already has Full Names on First Page and Abbreviated Names on Subsequent Pages checked. (Wording might be different.) What I get is full names all the time–maybe I didn’t set up abbreviations–but only when I am at the start of a page. If I scroll across the page, the names are not frozen (like a frozen header in Excel). Not a big thing, but not ideal. Of course, I can shrink the image,but that is not good for writing.
  2. Galley View looks really different but it does show the names at all times.

Does anyone use StaffPad? It is completely different than Dorico and not nearly as rich in features, but it does keep short names in view on the left at all times. That’s what I was looking for.

Oh, sorry, now I understand, what you are searching for.
I first thought, you set “Staff labels on subsequent systems” to “never” so you can’t see the names on the new pages/systems.

The floating names are only visible in Galley View.

Gotcha. Galley View will work.

Thanks for the help.


I am not sure if it is a default setting or if I might have changed a setting myself, but I have noticed that when View > Bar Numbers > Page View is on, the floating staff labels show up at the left of the score like in Galley View. The labels are quite small and the bar numbers (which the manual refers to as guide bar numbers) show up above every bar of every staff. The size of the labels can be changed in Library > Paragraph Styles… > Galley View Margin Labels, but I have not been able to find a way to change the size of the guide bar numbers. Also, the size of those guide bar numbers does not change when you choose a different rastral size in Layout Options > Page Setup. So, if your score has many staves and the staff size needs to be smaller than for a string trio, for example, the guide bar numbers will be quite large compared with the staff and can clutter up the screen somewhat.