Staff-relative size for system objects

System objects (tempo text, system text, repeat endings etc.) with staff-relative size: I think it would be useful to have an option that the size of system objects is based not on the top staff but on the biggest staff of a system. This could save lots of manual adjustment in cases that the top staff is a cue staff for a solo instrument. You just don’t ever more need to think about custom sizes.

If the option is “off” by default, existing scores are not affected.


At worst, you just Select/Filter all the System Text, and set the % in one go.

But isn’t this why you would use an Absolute Size for system text?

I know about the workarounds. This should be just a crazy idea for a future version :slight_smile:

Yes, for some cases this is an option. But I don’t want absolute tempo text because this can’t be different for score vs. parts.

Set the % in one go: I know, but I have to remember to repeat it on every change. And what if the cue staff is only in some systems, not in all? i.e. a singer’s staff in a basso continuo part.

System Text, at least, can be set to have a different Absolute size in score and parts.

I suspect that future versions of Dorico will move more elements, like Tempo, from “Font Styles” to “Paragraph Styles”, which will provide the function you need.