"Staff remove" not working...


I’m new to Dorico, moved from Sibelius :slight_smile:

I’m trying to make a cut-out score using “remove staff” and found this solution here:


It’s however not working as in the attached gif I took from the linked topic. It does create a “-1 staff” pink box but the measure remains visible.

I’m on MacOS Mojave and Dorico Pro 3.5 if it changes anything.

Thanks in advance!

Dorico does not currently support cut-away scores, I’m sorry to say. This is something we expect to support in a future version, however.

Thanks for reply!
But how is it possible that it works on this gif?
Hiding staves.gif

Add or Remove Staff is a Dorico function, but that’s not what we’re meaning by “cutaway score” exactly. You have to keep at least one staff present. A cutaway score is where player’s staves end or resume entirely.

Thanks! Any info when is the „cutaway score” coming to Dorico? I’m just moving from Sibelius and that’s the only major factor that still makes me use Sibelius…


We can’t say when specifically any new feature is coming, but it is certainly something we plan to implement in the relatively near future.