Staff size in a specific music frame

Hey everyone !

Is there a way to reduce the staff size of an instrument but just in one specific music frame rather than all the flow ?

Yes, you can change the global staff size at any system or frame break.

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Thanks Daniel !
It worked partially : it resized all the staves from the frame, whereas I’d like to have only one of the staves be smaller for this frame.
Is that possible ? (or maybe to be added in the already extremely long feature request list :grin:)

IIRC one can choose a staff and change its size via Staff Size in the right-click context menu. (Doing this on a grand staff changes both staves together.)

You can’t change the size of just some of the staves in the flow for just a span, I’m afraid.

One can, however, assign two players to the same layout(s) and swap over when one changes frames. (It’s a work-around, but it works.)

staffSizeChg.dorico (590.3 KB)