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Hi. i have just completed my first arrangement using only Dorico. I love it. I cannot see me ever going back to Finale.
Just one question, after the arrangement was finished, in Finale you can change the size of all the staves and notes etc by a percentage. This means that if you have a page with only a couple of bars on the last page , by a slight % reduction the last couple of bars will now fit onto the previous page. It was very quick and easy. Having spent the best part of a day reading through all the help files, and trying various things, I still cannot get this easy reduction in Dorico. So if all the notes and staves and just generally everything is too big, how can I make everything smaller. Can I keep adjusting easily until I get the look I want?

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Layout Options:->Space size:


Or you can insert a system or frame brake in Engrave mode at the start of the last page (or anywhere) and change just that page (or until next brake) in the properties panel.


Hi Jesper

Many thanks for the information.

Everything is easy when you know how…

I was unsure what Rastral means. It is a word I have not met before, so I was unsure about what it means.

I ignored it and just changed the space size and got what I wanted.

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In case it’s helpful for the future, this page about staff size describes the difference between “rastral” and “space”, and you’ll also find a description/definition of “rastral size” in the glossary.

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There are other ways to improve spacing. One of the things that’s particularly brilliant is that you can change the Note Spacing value at any point in the score. So a passage in 3/2 you can make tighter than one in 3/8. (Engrave menu > Change Note Spacing.)

Changing the Note Spacing to make the previous pages tighter lets you ‘bring in’ a couple of bars from an otherwise empty last page, or making them looser to spread out the music, fills the last page better.


Many Thanks for the information.

Hi Lillie. That was helpful. Always good to learn a new word…