Staff sizing

Is it possible to reduce the sizes of the staves to get more music on the page both on screen and in the print out?

You do that in Layout Options/Page Setup/Space Size… You can also adjust individual staves relative to this size, to either 60 or 75 percent (by right-clicking a note on the staff and select Stave Size…)

Many thanks. Does this also change the size in the parts?

No, you can specify the staff size independently for each layout. If you want to change the staff size for all parts, then click the little button to select all the parts in the list of layouts at the left-hand side of the Layout Options dialog, then change the ‘Space size’ value on the Page Setup page, and click Apply.

You will have to excuse my ignorance of how to get to the place I need to be to make the change. Any further hand holding will be rewarded with further paid for upgrades!

In Setup mode, go to Setup > Layout Options, or use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl+Shift+L (Shift-Command-L on Mac) to open the Layout Options dialog.

That is it! Many thanks Daniel!!