Staff spacing after fiddling with bar line joins

hello - I have a problem in a new ensemble score (attached) where the winds staff spacing is smaller than the strings. I had set the spacing to what I wanted in layout options, and then I started fiddling with bar line joins (sometimes I like to subdivide the conventional orchestral groups to make large scores more legible, in my view). Now I can’t seem to fix the issue through some of the other suggestions I’ve read around the forum (e.g. recasting via changing the staff size), nor changing the staff spacing and other resets.

I’d like the winds and string staff spacing to be the same - all I was trying to do was to create more space between the soloists, and for the system object positions above the strings.

I’d be grateful for any suggestions. Perhaps I’ve changed something by mistake without realising.

June 2021.dorico (560.6 KB)

There isn’t a really good way to add space for things like tempos and rehearsal marks above particular staves just yet, though this is certainly something we plan to add.

You seem to have a few extra brackets knocking about, possibly as a consequence of your attempts to change the barline joins? I would advise deleting your bracket and barline change (or at least the handful of extra brackets on the Flute 1 staff), which I think puts things in a better starting position.

Ok, thanks Daniel. Indeed it was the extra brackets on flute 1 that caused the issue. I deleted all the brackets and re-inputted them to fix it.

Re system object positions and extra spacing - this could be a separate topic - but I thought it worth sharing my solution (attached), where I’ve used a larger ‘staff to staff-group’ spacing to create more space above the strings. This seems like a good solution when you have individual staves above the strings, but it wouldn’t work for other ensembles when you can’t exclusively use a particular bracket spacing to create extra space without also creating more space where you don’t want it (e.g. above the brass or percussion). I guess for orchestral scores without solo instruments above the strings, like mine here, you could put the percussion as individual un-bracketed staves so that you could still use this approach.
June 2021.dorico (560.3 KB)

One thing I also noticed in my first attempt at doing this in Dorico (I can’t remember if this is how sib behaves too…) is that when I adjust the vertical position of tempo, rehearsal marks, or other system texts at the top of the page then this also moves the second text down the page (e.g. above the strings), which means you often have to check the spacing twice. It would be cool if the position values weren’t linked when editing, as I imagine for most people who need to do manual tweaking like this for certain types of scores that aren’t necessarily so consistent in terms of layout throughout a project, it creates more redundant work. Copying and pasting the correctly spaced text works fine for now anyway.