Staff spacing and justification

Hello, I have a vocal part of one page and I would like to tighten the staves a little bit.
I headed to the Layout Options and fiddled with Ideal Gaps and Vertical Spacing but nothing changes.

In the manual I read that "These gaps [the ideal gaps] do not apply in frames that are automatically justified."
Does the automatic justification happen with the check button “Justify staves when…”?

Indeed, that’s the command that sets justification on. Note that you can change two settings on this justify thing, and these are powerful commands that you should take some time to master, as it will significantly improve your workflow and output quality. Test them, and if there’s some behavior you finally do not understand, feel free to ask here !

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It seems that he Automatically resolve collisions… in Minimum Gaps was responsible for keeping the staves in place when I changed the spaces in Ideal Gaps.
Anyway, once I unchecked that option I changed the values and I got or a quite wide or a far too tightened layout. I was expecting more “discrete” changes.
I have taken the liberty to upload a screenshot of my results for sake of clarity.