Staff spacing changing when adding/removing a slur. Remedy?

Hi all,

Orchestral score with singers. On a certain page, adding a slur to the Soprano causes the staff spacing between Clarinet and Basson on the previous system, same page, to increase. Delete slur, increase continues. Undo? Same thing.

Known issue? How to solve it?

Staff spacing engrave mode does not show any changes at all.

Edit: Saving and reopening the file solved the spacing. But I still can’t add the slur, same thing happens.

Edit 2: Wherever I add a slur on that system, the problem appears. But if I add a slur on another system, the extra spacing is reset to normal.

What are the justification thresholds at Layout Options > Vertical Spacing > Vertical Justification?

What does the vertical fullness indicator show (bottom right corner of the page that appears in Engrave > Staff Spacing mode)?

If the threshold is e.g. 80%, and the presence of the slur changes the fullness from 79.5% to 80% then you should have expect Dorico to act the way it’s acting. You can of course adjust the thresholds to suit the Layout.

I’ll illustrate.

This is before (deleted some music trying to find the culprit):

And this is after adding and deleting the slur in bar 6 a number of times:

I think this isn’t just the setting. LAE mentions removing the slur increases the spacing even more, which reminds me of an old bug where this sometimes happened when adding dynamics. (Edit: or various other objects, like text)

Fortunately, although it looks catastrophic, it’s just a display glitch, and not something that’s actually messing up the score.
I haven’t seen this bug for quite some time now, but if this is still in the most recent version, the Team will definitely want to see the actual project, with precise instructions for reproducing the issue.

I am on 4.2, the one that was released on July 12. I guess that’s the most recent.

Yes, it is. That means the old bug isn’t entirely solved yet.
It’s related to e.g. this thread or this.


In These cases it’s helpful to provide a cut down project as well as the exact steps to reproduce the issue for the developers.

It’s possible the problem disappears when you cut down the project, due to re-flow etc. In that case send the entire score. If you don’t want it on a public forum, no doubt one of the developers will instruct you to send it to them in a PM or their personal e-mail.

@klafkid and @PjotrB,
I have now cut the project down to just the one page with the issue – and it remained. Mailed it to Daniel, thanks for your input.

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