Staff spacing distance value changing slightly after releasing mouse

Hello Dorico team!

When editing the staff spacing by clicking and dragging the blue or red boxes within the Staff Spacing toolbox in Engrave mode, releasing the mouse results in the mm value being edited displayed in the page margin to change slightly. Interestingly, I have only been able to reproduce this with other zoom levels than 100%.

It’s certainly not a very serious bug, only a little annoying, but I’m reporting it anyway in case you did not already know about it.

All the best!

FWIW, I use key commands (Alt-Arrows and Cmd-Alt-Arrows) 100% of the time for this.

Yes, when making small adjustments to individual staves, this works nice and reliably, but if you want to do the famous concertina drag, the only approach I know of is clicking and dragging while holding alt (Windows).

You can do the concertina drag with Alt+J or K for up or down.


Thanks for the tip! I guess I’ll be using that in the meanwhile. :slight_smile: