Staff Spacing for Specific Staff Groups

Is there a way to edit spacing gaps for only certain staff groups? I currently have a piece with singers that I want to space further from the rest of the ensemble. The ensemble also includes a keyboard. Why in increase the “staff group to staff” spacing, it will add extra space beneath the keyboard part, which I don’t need. I only need the space beneath the singers. The piece is over 200 pages so I don’t want to have to make this adjustment for each individual pages.

The spacing options in Layout Options apply to all staves in the selected layouts. Those “Ideal Gaps” are quite specific, so the difference between two bracketed groups vs a bracketed group above/below a single unbracketed staff can be set differently.

The problem is I’m not looking for something between 2 bracketed groups. The vocals go right above a reed doubler, while keyboard is right above bass guitar. Both are above a single, unbracketed staff. But since the vocals have lyrics I would like to give them a little more space from the rest of the ensemble. The only other thing I can think of is adjusting the “minimum inter staff gap with content” but what will affect it for everything like dynamics, and I only want it to change the distance for the lyrics.

You could try adjusting the minimum gaps between lyrics and the staff/other items in Engraving Options?

Under “verticle position” in lyrics? It looks like those settings will only affect the distance between the lyric and the staff’s it’s attached to. Not the staff below.