Staff spacing gone screwy

See attached screenshot.
Page 6, all is as normal.
Page 7, large random gaps between staves, with other staves layered on top of each other.
There are no staff spacing overrides of any kind.
I’ve never had this kind of problem before, and this is the same template I’ve used successfully for many other projects. Any ideas?

One would need to see the Dorico file, not just an image.

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Here you go.

Chess. Anthem. Full Score (SADCA).dorico (1.4 MB)

Your last page frame is 140% full, much too full for Dorico to know what to do. You need to reduce your space size. You’ll also need to fix the staff spacing.

I think this one might need a look from the development team. There appears to be something unselectable/undeleteable in the (non-existent) second divisi staves of Vln II and Vc. in or around bar 60.

Revised file attached.

I selected the manually-added divisi text in the cello and violin in the last few bars, and cut it.
I then selected the whole of the last page (albeit in Galley View), filtered Text and deleted - this got rid of whatever hidden text it was that was pushing up the staff spacing.
Then I pasted the divisi text back in.
Chess. Anthem. Full Score (SADCA) with dodgy text removed.dorico (1.4 MB)

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That’s brilliant – thank you so much for figuring this out and fixing the file! Perfect!

I also wondered if it had to do with some kind of hidden text pushing the staves around. This file originated in Finale many years ago, and has been through multiple iterations – so I’m not hugely surprised that there was something odd in there!

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No problem Seann. 'Twas a bit of a head-scratcher, for sure.