Staff spacing in Gallery View

Hello - I have tried expanding the staff spacing in gallery view (multiple voices in staff are covering information in staff below). I have used the options (Cntrl + Shoft + L), selected from the right list the instruments I wish to adjust the staff spacing for, selected Vertical spacing from the menu on the left, scrolled down to “In Gallery view, expand ideal staff gaps to: …” I have tried 150% and 200% - the staff spacing in gallery view doesn’t change.

Could someone help and explain why I’m being such a nugget!!!

Many thanks

I know this seems a silly question, but are you sure you were adjusting the spacing for the same layout you are actively viewing? Or is it possible you have more than one layout and accidentally adjusted a different one than that which is actively on screen? I can adjust mine and it updates straight away. Did it yesterday with a score, in fact.

Thanks for the reply - yes, I only have one score open. I didn’t add that I am using elements, so it might be a limitation?

OK - so it works if I select the entire score and not just certain instruments or instrument groups - not sure if this is expected behaiour, but it works for me

In Layout Options, the list on the right represents different layouts, not instruments in the score. The spacing option applies to all staves in the selected layouts.


Thank you - I said I was being a nugget!

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You simply learned something new about Dorico today! Onwards and upwards.