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I work on a MacBook Pro and I’ve had a problem with a lot of my projects where sometimes a page will start to decrease all of its staff spacing when doing pretty much anything on the page. Even pressing cmd+z makes the staff spacing compress. Is this a known issue? I haven’t found any topic on it but it happens to me fairly regularly.

Is there a solution to this? The only way I’ve been able to get rid of it is to paste some parts of the music individually inte another flow until I’ve rebuilt the whole project again since cmd+a and then copy pasting inte another flow brings the bug inte the new flow.

Is the bug fixed in a newer version? From what I’ve seen most of the new features have been connected to playback which I’m not too interested in but I would consider paying for a newer version just to get rid of this bug.

This mostly seems to happen when changing offset on text now that I think about it.

Hi @ViktorSemius and welcome back to the Forum!

Without an example (Dorico file) and a description of how to reproduce your issue, is difficult to say something sure…

Hi, that’s fair.
Here is an excerpt from a project where it happened.
I get the bug in a couple places in bar 4 & 5. In this project I get it by first writing some text with shift+x (or paste in text) on any instrument in bar 4 and then move the text with alt+right & alt+left in write mode within bar 4 (and also the first beat on bar 5). Previously I also got it by deleting the text or moving it in engrave mode but now that I’ve shortened the project to only an excerpt it seems to only happen in write mode with alt+right & alt+left. I would guess it still works as a showcase of what I’m talking about otherwise I can send just send the whole project.

Staff spacing bug.dorico (542.3 KB)

Thank you for the file @ViktorSemius

I tried your file with your descriptions: indeed that is really strange.
I have now to sleep (catch a flight tomorrow) and cannot search further, but is has something to do with the Percussion 1 Player: if I delete it in Setup, then seems all to work as expected. maybe someone will find a solution. (also for the trumpet 1 and 3 maybe you can use divisi …, but this is another thing)

This is possibly not a fix, but something you might like to try.

Go into Engrave mode.
Select the text which has been added.
In Properties > Text, activate the button for Avoid collisions but do not click in the box
Go back into Write mode.
Move the text around with alt+right and alt+left.

Thank you Christian!
I’m trying to see if I can get rid of it without having to remake the project. I tried to recreate the percussion player by manually adding in all instruments and then copy pasting everything from galley view. This sadly still brings the bug with it even when I’ve deleted the original player, so something with the music in perc 1 seems to be the problem. I’m gonna try some things to test what the problem is.

Hi Steven,

In the original project this sadly still makes the staff spacing compress, so weirdly it doesn’t seem to be about collision? Or maybe it still checks for collision when “avoid collision” is turned off.

I remember one of the very first versions of Dorico having this bug when shifting System Text. To my knowledge this has been fixed in one of the early updates.
Which version of Dorico are you using at this time?

It’s because the page is too full. So there is not enough space for the instrument change labels in perc. 1. Here with a frame brake it works.


Staff spacing bug.dorico (1.5 MB)

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I’ve narrowed down the music to a very specific part of the music!

It seems that the glockenspiel notes in bar 5 is making the bug appear in bar 5 and the glockenspiel notes in bar 7 is making it appear in bar 4. When I delete those notes the bug disappears.

See my answer.


Fantastic! Thank you!

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