Staff spacing: possible to proportionally increase spacing of selected staves?

What’s the best way to adjust these staves to fill the whole page with equal distance between the staves? (My screenshot doesn’t reflect it but these staves cover about just 60% of the page.) I would have thought the alt+drag method would proportionally increase spacing but it seems to only be possible to proportionally decrease the distance. I think i’m missing something.

The percentage of the page that’s filled is indicated at the bottom right corner of the page when you’re in Staff Spacing mode. Go to Layout Options > Vertical Spacing > Vertical Justification, ensure you have the correct layout selected in the right side of the dialog, then set the second of those two percentages to something lower (than the fullness percentage at the bottom of your page of music). Apply and close.

edit: actually I think either of those Vertical Justification percentage thresholds will work in a typical part layout.

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