Staff spacing problem in Engrave Mode (imported flow)

Hi all,

I’m new to Dorico 3.5 and the first time I imported a existing Dorico doc into a project as a Flow, everything was peachy except for the Engrave mode. Some pages appear with proper spacing between staves, while others seem to almost be rectified vertically. There doesn’t seem to be rhyme or reason as to which pages get one spacing over the other. I’ve tried the reset function, but to no avail, and wanted to check if there’s an easier fix than manually dragging all the systems back into place before embarking on that journey. :slight_smile:

I’ve included an example here:

Any and all help would be heartily appreciated!

Welcome to the forum, moonfruits.

These Layout Options are the rhyme and the reason:


If you click the Staff Spacing icon in the left panel of Engrave mode (the third one down at the far left) you’ll see a percentage at the bottom of each page. Your left page is over 60% full, and your right page is under 60% full.
As per the Layout Options above, Dorico justifies the distances between staves and systems when the frame (page) is at least 60% full, and it doesn’t when the frame (page) is less than 60% full.

For further details please see vertical justification 100 % doesn't fill the first page? - #10 by dansoper

Hi again,

Thank you for this extremely quick response, pianoleo. I was able to fix the issue this way.

One of the reasons I turned to this forum was because the search function for Dorico didn’t bring anything up for vertical spacing, or indeed any of the options in the layout menu, which I hitherto didn’t truly know about :roll_eyes:.

Thanks again! Truly blown away by how on the ball you folks are.

Hi Alex,

The Help search function within Dorico itself is for UI buttons and menus etc. For the full manual, you can find it here as the online webhelp (a PDF is also available). For info about vertical spacing, this topic covers the layout options available, with this one showing the difference between the justification settings.