staff spacing/sizing

Okay, another newbie question (and yes, I’ve searched for an answer.) I know that in Engrave mode I can change individual staff spacings in the full score or parts by grabbing or putting in a specific number of mms. But I can’t find a way to change staff spacing for a particular page or any group of staves or a whole part. And yes, I’ve tried clicking on the menu items that deal with staff spacing – but nothing happens. And yes, I’ve also tried to make a new Master page for parts…but I admit I’ve no idea yet how to use Master Pages. (When I create a new Master Page and choose to edit it, I see nothing useful to change. I know the manual touts their utility, but at this point I’m still bamboozled by the abstraction. Similarly, I can’t change staff sizes globally. I presume ther’e some easy to get to location where such defaults can be reset, but I haven’t found it. Although I’m terribly embarassed to ask such a basic question, I’d appreciate a bit of help.


normberk, you can change the staff size globally fot each layout in Setup Mode by going to the Page Setup settings.

And you can change the staff size locally by inserting a manual system break, selecting it and setting a value in the properties panel.
The staff spacing settings can also be set individually for each layout in Layout Options, Vertical Spacing. I think you can’t change them for one page only.

Klaus has given you a nudge in the right direction, but to make it completely clear: go to Setup mode, and from the Setup menu choose Layout Options, or click the cog item at the bottom of the Layouts panel, or use the shortcut Ctrl+Shift+L (which you can actually use from any mode, not only Setup mode).