Staff squashing when adding arco

Hi all!
On the final system, when I add ‘arco’ to either the viola or cello part of this quintet, the staffs squash together. As soon as I delete the ‘arco’ it spaces nicely again. Any idea why this is happening? I’ve fiddled with settings but surely there’s something I’m missing besides adjusting it all manually? Screenshot below of the problem.

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The clue is the frame fullness indicator in the bottom right of each page: the second page, with tighter staves and a bigger gap in the middle, is 81.2% full.

This is above the default 80% fullness threshold, above which Dorico only justifies systems; for the staves within each system, Dorico only uses the minimum values set and the extra space required for notes/notations outside the staff.

I recommend, in a score like this with comfortably 2 systems per page, setting the second justification threshold for the score to something like 95%.

See this page, with examples at the bottom showing the difference between when both staves and systems are justified, vs only systems justified (basically what you’re experiencing here)

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Hi! Thanks so much, that’s perfect!

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