Staff System Formatting Issues


I am trying to make a music theory exam in Dorico and I am having quite a difficult time formatting the staff systems for the exam. In particular, I am finding it difficult to work with Dorico when empty staves are used without time signatures. Is there a way to control the length of the staff system?

Issue 1: Dorico does not extend the final system of a flow all the way to the far right of the music frame (see System Problem). The only way I was able to get these measures to appear as they should was by adding an additional measure of music. But then when I deleted this measure, the music went back to how it was before (see System Problem II). I wish there were a way I could use the Staff Spacing Tool to control the length of the entire system.

Issue 2: How can I format staff systems for empty bars? (see Empty Bar Formatting). I would like two blank measures per system. I am having trouble using the Format Systems tool with these measures since I don’t have any note heads to click to make a system.

Any help with these issues would be most appreciated!

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  • Go to Layout options (cmd+shift+L / ctrl+shift+L)
  • Select the Note spacing page (under Category)
  • Make sure all relevant layouts are selected in the left-hand panel.
  • Disable “Only justify final system in flow when more than … full”.
  • Apply and close.
    Notice that this can be saved as default.
    Alternatively, you can adjust staves manually with the Note spacing tool in Engrave mode.
  1. These tools also work if you select barlines.