Staff Text/Engraving Options bug

It seems that under Engraving OptionsTextPosition of text relative to other items, the values of the toggle switch have been swapped. Setting it to Avoid collisions results in the default position and vice versa.

Hi ChuckDimeCliff!
I’m afraid this is due to a misunderstanding about the way some properties do work. You first have to switch the toggle to override the default behavior of that property, and then tick the property to choose “Avoid collisions”. And it does work as expected, no bug here :wink:
You’ll notice the same kind of behavior with trills : if you toggle the “Has trill line”, it makes the line disappear, until you tick it.
Hope this helps!

Marc, I think ChuckDimeCliff is referring specifically to the Engraving Options dialog, rather than the Properties panel. That being said, I’m unable to reproduce the problem ChuckDimeCliff reports. The engraving options work as expected.

Talking about misunderstanding… Sorry for this one!

Seems like it working fine for me now too. Likely I was just working quickly and got confused when I originally posted the thread. Sorry all!