Staff text on percussion kits not editable?

I’m having the mentioned problem: I can input staff-attached text to a percussion kit stave, but once go out of the editing mode, I cannot access it again. I have to copy the text object to other stave and edit it there. Is that a bug, intended or am I just plain dumb?

You should be able to double click the text.

I’m able to double-click it or press Return on it to eternity, but nothing happens.

Which version of Dorico do you use? On the non-latest ipad version there was a problem with double clicking.

Dorico 4 on MacOS Ventura

Can you attach the project itself here, so we can take a look?

Sure thing
Percussion bug.dorico (843.3 KB)

It’s a problem with the text attached to an instrument of a percussion kit in a single line layout.
If you change the layout to grid or 5-line staff it works. but I have no clue why.

Thanks for attaching the project, Joaquin. I can confirm that something’s not right here – we’ll fix this as soon as we can.

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cant click me.dorico (584.7 KB)

it’s easy to reproduce.